Can't see manjaro's root partition?

Hello, I find I can’t see manjaro’s root partition in Dolphin’s Devices list on opensuse.

What trick does it use to hide its root partition from other system? Can I unhide it on opensuse?

No idea.
What does “blkid” say?

Can I unhide it on opensuse?

Try to create an entry in the fstab, maybe with YaST->System->Partitioner.
Dolphin should show it in any case then.

Note that you do not have to actually mount it at boot. Just the entry should be enough.
And also note that dolphin (udisks2 actually) will mount it to the mount point specified in fstab. So specify a valid one (in YaST you can just enter anything you like in that field), and don’t use any system directory like /tmp or /usr/local, as prefilled in YaST’s chooser list.

“blkid” is normal for that partition like every others, nothing special. It’s just not shown in dolphin. I’ve long noticed Manjaro root partition is not shown on other system (my portable opensuse). OK. I’ll try to mount it with fstab. No big deal. Thanks!

Well, if you do want to investigate, here are a few thoughts:
Is it shown in “solid-hardware list”? If not then apparently udisks2 doesn’t recognize it or ignores it for some reason.

What do you get when you run:

solid-hardware details 'udi'

(you should get ‘udi’ from "solid-hardware list"m should be something like ‘/org/freedesktop/UDisks2/block_devices/sda1’)

And try to mount it with udisks2, maybe it would give an error message that could provide a clue:

udisksctl mount -b /dev/sda1