can't save config for two screen with kdedesktop

that’ s work under 11.2 but stop with 11.3

i have a laptop and an external screen on my desktop

when i go to kde config, modify screen resolution for external screen save the change every thing is right

when i logout et login again, the config is lost and i got same resolution to my external screen than for the laptop screen

I have try in root mode, try clone screen , try no clone nothing !!! every time i got laptop resolution

the card is intel on HP pavillion desktop

i don’t have xorg.conf in etc/X11

and i was surprized to see sax2 is gone in 11.3

may be that’s can give idea

i dont have xorg.conf file under /etc/X11
i have try to create one ( in root launch xorg --configure and after copy the to xorg.conf under /etc/x11)

If t try this config file with X --config (name conf file) i got a black screen , and i am obliged to abord session

I have try to create xorg.conf file from my old one (before upgrade ) but i got error message and i dont see was wrong

AHHHH if sax2 still running …

so what can i do ??>:)

it is declared as bug and should be correct in 4.6 !!>:(

Sorry I didn’t see this. But great you found out, and shared it here. Thanks.