Can't save any files

Hi, I downloaded the latest version of OpenSuse 11.2 Live KDE, I am using VirtualBox to run it, I completed the whole installation. Then, there comes the problem, whatever I do in OpenSuse works, but when I shut down OpenSuse and boot it later, nothing has saved since last time. Example, I tried to create a File.txt on the desktop, then shut down OpenSuse properly. When I boot it again 5 minutes later, the File.txt is not there anymore. I even installed Apache2, and when I came back, i wasn’t installed anymore. Please help me solve this problem.

Are you sure you are not running it from LiveCD every time? In VirtualBox did you switch it to disable the “CD” and boot from the “disk” after installation?

Spent the evening at some customers to explain exactly this. He installed in VBox, but was still booting from the LiveCD.