Can't save ALSA configuration


I am a complete newbie on OpenSuse and on OpenSuse forums. I hope I open the thread in the correct section.

I have just installed OpenSuse 11.4 with XFCE environment on my Acer Aspire 5738Z.

Everytime I boot, I need to configure manually the “capture device” with Alsamixer to change it from “micro” to “internal micro”.

I tried to save the settings using alsactl store/restore as I do with Ubuntu, but it doesn’t work. Every time I restart my computer, the capture is on “micro” again.

Does anyone have an idea about how to save the settings permanently ?

in multimedia there is a how to. Follow that and hopefully you’ll be fine. I did many times with that tutorial.This should have been in the multimedia and if posted there I know that oldcpu will help you. Follow the instructions and post as many info as possible so he could understand your problem.
Good luck.

Thanks dmera. I followed the tutorial but it didn’t solve the problem. I’ll post a new thread in the “session” section. It may be more relevant.