can't run newly installed apps

I am having problems running apps that I have installed. I used 1-click to install unetbootin, but it does not show up in the menu. It is marked as installed in yast and I can navigate to the location it is installed. However the only I can get it to run is using ‘su -c unetbootin’. The other app I am having trouble with is imagewriter, which I installed using yast. It shows up in the menu list but it will not run. I don’t understand why I can’t run apps that were installed using my user which has administrator rights. I am considering switching my desktops to opensuse (gnome) from ubuntu, but everything seems much more complicated in opensuse.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Welcome here (see this is your first post).

We will try to help you as good as we can, but we are mere human people. It is thus you that should tell us which level of openSUSE you are using. And, while you talk about “it does not show up in the menu.”. please tell what menu. I guess you mean the main menu of one of the several dektop environments you can have, then please tell which of them (KDE, Gnome, LXDE, …).

I am not a user of unetbootin and do not know much of it (though I understand what it is used for). When you say you can execute it with

su -c unetbootin

(and please do also use CODE tags next time with computer text: )
Didn’t you try to just use


And what says

which unetbootin

Also keep in mind that not all and every software installed (even when you call it an app or application) must appear in the main manu of the desktop of an end-user. Some applications/tools are command line programs and thus will not show in such a GUI menu (although my impression is that unetbootin is not command line). Some tools are root only tools and thus the developer will not have provided a menu entry for the end-users.

About the other application imagewriter, did you try to start it from a terminal


to see if there are any error mesages?