Can't run Kwalletmanager after plasma crash

Hi guys. So I had plasma crash the previous day, and since then I can’t get kwalletmanager to work so I can set it up to save my passwords. I try running it, but it doesn’t, and it doesn’t run by default on boot the way it used to.
Any useful tips on my next step to take?

Thanks geekos!

You don’t have to have kwalletmanager running to use the wallet.

But what happens if you run this in a konsole?

kwalletmanager --show

…a similar problem I solved restarting akonadi…:slight_smile:

A similar problem? What was that?

Akonadi has nothing to do with kwallet, other than it uses kwallet to save the passwords.

But the OP didn’t tell what passwords he wants to save. Akonadi is not the only thing that uses kwallet.