Can't resize panel in KDE

KDE4.1 was working fine. Just ran update which installed KDE4.1.2; now the panel won’t resize. Click to configure, once had a configuration bar, below that some arrows for resizing, then the panel. Now that space with the arrows is gone. I’m on openSuSE 11.0, not proto11.1, and I’m a fan but not a pro. -GEF

hmm still works for me did you make sure you unlocked the widgets i know its an obvious question
but is seems to work for me perfectly running 4.1.2 realise 48.1

I thought I saw a bug report on this and some people having this issue, not sure though, in any case after you unlock the widgets you should be able to adjust your panel, try adding a new panel and see if you can adjust that one.

Try changing your Plasma theme - it doesn’t work with every.

Cool. Worked in Aya theme just fine. The bizarre thing is, after the update, my panel had gone to full width to about 3/4. -GEF