Can't rename a file

Hi. I found an old movie on my disk whose name unfortunately consists of special slovenian characters (čšž) and that somehow prevents me opening, renaming, copying it. I can’t do anything with the file, grrrr. When I try to rename it I get an error saying “The file or folder … does not exist” I am pretty sure the movie is ok, but is there anyway of renaming it? PS: I have slovenian keyboard support installed and I can use slo characters in open office for instance. Thanks for your help.

that shouldn’t be that difficult if at least the first letter of the file begins with a “normal” latin character then you can open a console and use tab completion, example if your file is sočšžmename then…

mv -f /path/to/file/so<TAB> /path/to/file/newname

and it will complete the rest of the letters for you

Thanks man, it works :slight_smile: I haven’t thought of this option.