can't remove file from trash folder: no .trash folder


I have some files in my trash can which I can’t delete because I need root rights to delete them. In previous opensuse versions these files could be located in .trash folder in home. Su en rm in terminal were the solution. But now there is no .trash folder in my home so I can’t delete the files!
Does anyone know a solution?!

PS I use 11.0 gnome 64 bit

I am having this same problem, some folders I deleted from my home folder which shouldn’t even be root owned are stuck in the wastebasket. I get a permission denied error when I try to delete them and can’t find a .Trash folder to delete them with su.

cd /home/<USER>/.local/share/Trash/files

(Change to your username)

Get root permission then

rm -r *


Thanks Evitark, worked great.