Can't reboot virtual machines managed by LXD


I have a problem with virtual machines and LXD. After I stop a virtual machine managed by LXD it can’t be started again. I’ve been investigating the issue with guys from LXD forums, so you may check out the link.

I have opened a bug in bugzilla, but no response so far:

Here are steps to reproduce the issue from bug report:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Prerequisites: LXD initialized and running
  2. Initialize virtual machine lxc init images:opensuse/15.4 vmtest --vm
  3. Start the virtual machine lxc start vmtest
  4. Wait a while and verify that you can access the shell lxc shell vmtest
  5. Stop the virtual machine lxc stop vmtest
  6. Start the virtual machine lxc start vmtest or lxc start vmtest --console to see the console, which will be empty as virtual machine refuses to start.

Actual results:

Virtual machine fails to start, console output is empty.

Expected result:

Virtual machine should start normally and you should see the output in the console, when you start it with lxc start vmtest --console

If you have any ideas what could be wrong, please share.

Update in 15.4 VB broke Windows VM here had to drop back a version. May be same thing

Only Windows? Have you tried with other VMs?