can't reboot after kernel update (vmware)

Anyone else have this problem? I installed a kernel update in 11.0 and it hangs during reboot when vmware server 2.0 tries to start inet. Same in a failsafe boot. I guess I need to pull the initialization of vmware out of the boot sequence somehow - but I don’t know what file has that… I knew I would have to recompile vmware’s interface, but I didn’t know it would hang a boot. :frowning:

You have two reasonable options to repair your system. Use a cd and chroot, or boot into single user mode and repair the system.

Boot in single user mode
When the grub bootloader screen appears highlight the regular or failsafe option and hit the letter ‘e’ then highlight the kernel line and hit ‘e’ again, add ‘single’ to the end of the kernel line and ‘ENTER’ + ‘b’ to save and continue boot. You should have a relatively normal boot sequence, except that the ‘/’ filesystem will be mounted readonly. To fix that

mount -o remount,rw /
mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdXY   ----replace /dev/sdXY with the root partition

You can reconfigure vmware from here and hopefully reboot will work fine

Boot and chroot
Using the livecd, do your normal boot. You will need to know which partitions are which, though mounting and looking at them should tell you. Go through the normal boot sequence, open a terminal, and chroot into your installed system.

mkdir /mnt/ROOT
mount /dev/ROOT_PARTITION /mnt/ROOT
chroot /mnt/ROOT

You may need to mount some pseudo partitions such as proc, sys, dev. Look up chroot. At this point you should repair vmware.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try! I know I need to run the reconfigure script, but I didn’t think it would hang during reboot. I have 10.3 also installed on the system (dual-boot) but I can’t run the configure script from 10.3 to fix the 11.0 kernel.

Thank you very much for the great suggestion!! I’ve never booted single user via GRUB. Here’s what I did, starting at the GRUB boot screen: (note: highlighting is done with the up and down arrows)

  1. highlight openSuSE11.0 and hit <escape>
  2. answered “yes” to enter text-mode GRUB
  3. highlighted openSuSE11.0 and hit “e”
  4. highlighted the line containing “kernel” and hit “e”
  5. added a space and the word “single” to the kernel line
  6. hit enter
  7. hit “b” to boot
  8. gave login password after booting was completed
  9. entered: mount -o remount,rw /
  10. entered: /usr/bin/
  11. answered “yes” to rebuild network for vmware

Now I am back online. I’m not sure step 9 was needed, but it may have been (the new kernel modules seemed to build OK without it, but I didn’t specify to rebuild vmware network modules the first time, so it didn’t fix the problem). But adding step 9 works…