Can't print via CUPS

The CUPS output looks as expected.

I get a pop open window to log into cups

you have to log in as root and root password to make any changes.

Started Firefox as user, pasted http://localhost:631/admin. No popup. I will now log in as root and use Firefox.

Otherwise when using YaST to configure CUPS I’m already prompted for root’s password.

Generally, this is not seen a wise idea. Why not try:

Edit: Assuming you want to login to your desktop environment.

No, don’t do that.

What are you trying to configure anyway?

Show us the output from

lpstat -t

You should NEVER do that!

ion@Box2:~> lpstat -t
scheduler is running
no system default destination
lpstat: No destinations added.
lpstat: No destinations added.
lpstat: No destinations added.
lpstat: No destinations added.

Confirming. I just booted Windows 10 and printed successfully. So there is nothing wrong with the printer. YaST does not identify the printer and tells me there is No printer queue.

That output confirms no CUPS printer configuration. Did you delete it for some reason?

I may have done that at some point. But YaST does not recognize the printer when I try to add it.

This is what YaST shows when I try to add it.

Is this a network connected printer? What model? Try stopping the firewall (if active) with…
sudo systemctl stop firewalld
…then see if it is found via YaST or the CUPS web interface.

You could also see what is returned by the following command…
sudo lpinfo -v

ion@Box2:~> sudo lpinfo -v
[sudo] password for root:
network beh
file cups-brf:/
network socket
serial serial:/dev/ttyS0?baud=115200
network http
network smb
network ipps
network https
network ipp
network lpd
ion@Box2:~> sudo systemctl stop firewalld
Failed to stop firewalld.service: Unit firewalld.service not loaded.

Do you have the Linux driver package for it? Model?

Ok, see my other recent comments regarding the printer driver software.

No. Model Samsung M332x 382x 402x Series.

Samsung ProXpress? Download the Samsung unified driver package from HP.

I executed and it told me that my TW version is not supported and that I should try with the Leap 15.4 version. I did that and it errored out unable to install pyqt4. That I should install it myself. But zypper tells me.

‘pyqt4’ not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
No provider of ‘pyqt4’ found.