can't play rmvb

i’m using mplayer to play rmvb, but it display cannot find codec matching selected -vo and video format 0x30345652. got sound but no picture.

opensuse 11 64bit

Note rmvb is a wrapper for different real media codecs (there is more than one). Can you point to an example on the web that has the exact same codec as the one that is giving you trouble?

I am a 32-bit openSUSE user, and I typically play rmvb with vlc, xine, and smplayer.

I have read of other openSUSE 64-bit users having this problem. But some 64-bit users say they don’t have the problem (although it could be they are using 32-bit apps). I don’t know, but it is possible this is a 64-bit vs 32-bit problem.

Try installing w32codecs.

The only way I could find around this was to install realplayer. Then mplayer would start to use the real codecs. Installing w32codecs didn’t seem to help at all.

now i change back to opensuse 11 32bit also got same message, have sound but no video.:frowning:

Have you tried installing realplayer in yast2?
I had exactly the same issue as you and installing this fixed my problem for .rmvb files (only these files had the issue - not any other real type file)

You don’t need to use realplayer to view the files - just associate .rmvb files with mplayer or whatever player you want to use and they should be able to use the realplayer codec (?)

when i install realplayer, i can play rmvb in mplayer.
really thanks.rotfl!