Can't play h.264 mkv files


I have been trying to play h.264 mkv files, without success.
I already installed the restricted formats from Restricted Formats/11.1 - openSUSE-Community, and still no luck. I have no trouble playing DivX or XviD encoded videos. I have installed packages JM, libx264-64, libx264-67 and x264 (which are supposed to be x264 encoder/decoders) and libmatroska.

I’m using openSuSE 11.1 (x86-64) and VLC 0.9.9a to play the videos (but the same happens with xine).

Any help is appretiated.

Can you define “without success” ? What symptoms do you get ? Did you try “ffplay” or “mplayer” ?

Its possible you have a mix of Packman and videlan codecs and that is causing you a problem. If so, you could try working your way through this: Check your multimedia problem in ten steps - openSUSE Forums

Also, the bitrate in some h.264 files can be encoded such that one needs a powerful computer in order to play them (or if one has a supported video card use VDPAU and offload the video decoding to the GPU on one’s graphic card). For example, I find the h264 files on this web site are a good test for one’s capability to play h.264 files. Again, typically, because of their high resolution and high bit rate, one needs the sort of setup I mentioned above: H.264 Demo Clips «

But I can play those videos with only a 10% CPU load on an old 32-bit athlon-2800 PC with a PCI card (nVidia 8400GS w/512MB on card RAM) via VDPAU technology implemented in the nVidia proprietary video driver and by also using an mplayer build that uses that technology.

Video and audio didn’t play. The position bar moved, but no video or audio. xine gave an error message saying it couldn’t decode the H264 format.

It worked lol! I “downgraded” all VideoLAN packages to the Packman alternatives, and now everything works fine lol!

Thanks a lot!

Real? I’ll give it a try.:wink:
In the past, I used to convert mkv file to avi to edit or watch.

Super! Congratulations.

In case there are any users monitoring this thread who are curious about nVidia cards and vdpau on openSUSE, there is an openSUSE wiki here:
Video editing/avchd - openSUSE

You may try this video converter, it can help you convert mkv video to wmv video, then you can play it with windows media player.