Can't play flash under Leap

Hi ;=)

I’d be delighted to be able to play it , whatever is needed : What do you do to play the site in html 5 ?

The site is asking for flash though.

I add chromium-ffmpegsumo installed, i changed it for chromium-ffmpeg but site is still ko with chromium too : Site answers that flash plugin is too old and therefore video can’t be played.

It is basically a problem at the site then since Flash is up to 20.x something in the Windows world but is 11.2.X for Linux if the site does not resolve the OS to make a difference then it thinks you are behind updates… HTMAL5 may be a setting choice in the web site.

remove all flash related things you have jammed in only use one at a time per browser.


I could write to the site and tell them that flash version is now 11.2 for linux.

When i’m trying various ways to play the videos i try them once at a time, one after the other, erasing one option to be able to try the next one. SO far i can’t figure out what more to do for this was ok under 13.2 using pipelight and now pipelight seems not to be able to load its flash plugin. Other options seems to produce errors too (see above).