Cant Play DVD On OpenSuse 11.0

I’ve installed libxine1 and Libcodecs from Packman, Libdvdcss from VLC, but still cant play any dvd. It say, “this version of Kaffeine only have reduced …”. But, it can play any MPEG files and MP3. So, what am I missing ?


Have you installed the Kaffeine version from packman?

Also ensure your libffmpeg0 comes from Packman and NOT from videolan. The videolan packaged libffmpeg0 does not work well with some Packman packaged apps.

Note by installing libffmpeg0 you have a number of dependencies installed which provide many codecs.

Yes, you’re right. I’ve figured it out that we must change almost whole package that involved in multimedia (not just the plugins and codecs, but also the application) in order to make it working. Thanx for all the help guys.