can't play DvD ( Ive read other threads before posting this)

So ive read about XINE and the Lib packages. I don’t know what im doing wrong but I just can’t get my DvDs to be able to play with Kaffeine. I would really like to be able to watch my dvds consider I do not have a dvd player and this is my only means of watching them. Anyways I am a utter linux newb in everyway. So please if your going to help me break it down into baby steps :P.

Im running a notebook with 4g ddr3 ram, dual core at 2,4ghz, and a Nvidia 9800m Gts graphics card. Ive downloaded all the required updates from YaST already and XINE still says that DVD codecs are unsupported. I need like a step by step process on how to fix this.

You should have a read of this guide first:

Go to YaST then Sotware Repositories then click Add at the bottom, tick community repositories then next tick videolan and also packman if you haven’t got it already. Install libdvdcss from Videlan repo and immediately delete/disable VideoLan repository .

libdvdcss should work a good percent of the time.

Okay I got and did most of this. The only part I don’t know how to do is

Install libdvdcss from Videlan repo and immediately delete/disable VideoLan repository .
. When I got the Videlan repo did the libdcdcss dl automatically? Or is there something else I need to do. Enabling and Disabling seems pretty staight forward. I just click the repo on and off.

Open a terminal and post the result of the following:

zypper lr --details


rpm -qi libdvdcss


linux-qtth:/home/dimz # zypper lr --details

| Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | Priority | Type | URI | Service

1 | repo | VideoLan Repository | Yes | Yes | 99 | rpm-md | Index of /pub/videolan/vlc/SuSE/11.1/ |
2 | repo-debug | openSUSE-11.1-Debug | Yes | Yes | 100 | yast2 | Index of /debug/distribution/11.1/repo/oss |
3 | repo-non-oss | openSUSE-11.1-Non-Oss | Yes | No | 99 | yast2 | Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/non-oss |
4 | repo-oss | openSUSE-11.1-Oss | Yes | No | 99 | yast2 | Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/oss |
5 | repo-source | openSUSE-11.1-Source | Yes | Yes | 100 | yast2 | Index of /source/distribution/11.1/repo/oss |
6 | repo-update | openSUSE-11.1-Update | Yes | No | 99 | rpm-md | Index of /update/11.1 |
7 | repo_1 | Packman Repository | Yes | Yes | 99 | rpm-md | Index of /pub/packman/suse/11.1 |
linux-qtth:/home/dimz # rpm -qi libdvdcss
package libdvdcss is not installed

im just posting this so it can be 10 characters : P

Install with

zypper in libdvdcss

*You will need to be root first.

Open a terminal and go su and then do

zypper in libdvdcss

when that is done

open Yast - Software - Repositories
Highlight the Videolan repo and uncheck refresh and enable

Now Open Yast - Software Management
and filter by repository and then select Packman
From the top select Packages tab and in the drop box do: Update all in this list Unconditionally

If there are errors and you can’t figure it out, save them to file with the expert button and post here. But you should look to allow changes to change Vendor to Packman.

Okay so I did all that. When I open Kaffeine and click DVD it still says

This version of Xine (used by kaffeine) has only a reduced set of supported codecs. It is not able to play DVDs.

Should I dl all the packages under the Packman Repository in software management?

Install all the packages in the guide you were given
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

And do the Unconditional Update I said.

Mmkay, I followed the guide step by step along with your guys help and now everything is working. Thanks for the help. These forums are always quick with the responses and guiding hand. Thanks again.

Well done dude;)
Happy we were able to help.

> I followed the guide step by step . . . and now everything is working.

amazing isn’t it? (what reading and following directions can do)


yeah, it can bring you to a point where things do what they ought to do…Boring, boring, nothing to complain about.

Serious: this is what it can be. Great