Can't open volume control

I cannot open volume control (via the panel icon) in my totally fresh openSUSE 11.1 installation. Linux has detected two sound devices in my computer (built-in AC’97 audio and Creative Audigy 2 Platinum). The weird thing about this is that I have disabled the built-in audio in the BIOS (I have checked this three times). I have made the Audigy the default sound device via YaST2’s hardware manager, and I do have sound, but whenever I try to open the volume control I get an error message “Cannot connect. Connection refused.”

How do I fix this please?

Right click and quit it

Then open a terminal and type


do errors get logged in the terminal as kmix starts?

I should probably have mentioned that I am using the Gnome desktop and do not have kmix installed.

Anyway, the problem magically sorted itself out after executing the updater.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Glad to read its sorted.

Note gnome users typically use “alsamixer”.

AFAIK, there is also gnome-volume-control, but if PulseAudio is installed, it has its own interface:

[Phoronix] New Volume Control Interface For GNOME](

Some Gnome users have had issues with it, as per this thread.