Can't open .iso file

I have an .iso file that I can’t open. I won’t get the menus, neither is the picture OK if I open with VLC. Kaffeine says it can’t find the demux for the file. In mplayer I can’t get the menus to work. Xine couldn’t find the demux either. And Totem recomends codex that don’t work. I’ve been searching for this “demux” thing but found nothing. Can someone recomend me what to do? Any working players maybe?

You could try mounting the iso and see if you can play the contents that way? Maybe the ISO is borked?

As root:

mount -o loop </path/iso file.iso> /mnt

You could also create a folder in /media and mount it there. The autoplay might kick in.
(e.g. mkdir /media/isomnt , mount -o loop </path/iso file.iso> /media/isomnt )

Hope that helps,

P.s. Do you have the restricted formats packages installed? ( Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community )

The first command didn’t have any effect. And the second command splited up the image in .vob files. I don’t know of any programs to play .vob files with DVD menu. Maybe you do? Do you have any more suggestions?

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VLC (and other media) player(s) should be able to play vob as far as I know. Can’t check that right now though…

Could be you need the libvdcss package.

Check if you have it with the following command (or using YaST):

rpm -qa | grep libdvdcss

The libdvdcss package can be downloaded from the Videolan repository (or check the link I mentioned in my first post).

I have that pakage so it’s working for now. Thank you so very much for your help.