Can't open a graphical session with a user in a domain since OpenSuse Leap 42.1


I could log in with a domain user before the release of OpenSuse Leap 42.1

The following exemple is done with OpenSuse 13.2

Now with Leap 42.1
There is no place where i can change the location of my user nor add a new account, only thumbnails of my local users.

However i can open a tty session (text mode) with a domain account on Leap 42.1.

Did someone solved that issue and how?

Thank you in advance

Maybe change SDDM to KDM. I believe you have to install it

Switch sddm to a different theme that allows entering the username. (in Plasma5: Configure Desktop->Startup and Shutdown->Login Screen (SDDM), or edit /etc/sddm.conf manually with a text editor)

Or use a different display manager, the old kdm is still available.
You can set the DM in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager (it has to be installed first though).

Thank you very much

Changing the sddm theme is the solution

It works!