Can't move cursor when right mouse button is held down.

Hi, I’ve just got my new Acer Aspire 6930G laptop, and when I hold the right mouse button i cant move the cursor anywhere. I’ve gone through mouse properties and cant find anything to help.
Can someone please help.


welcome to openSUSE!!

are you left handed?

i ask because it is normal (for a right handed person) to not be able
to drag the cursor when holding now the right mouse button, but it
works perfectly if holding down the left mouse button…

so, if you are used to holding down the RIGHT button and dragging the
cursor then you need to set it that way, try

Personal Settings Desktop Configuration > Peripherals > Mouse > Button
Order and select Left Handed, then “Apply”


Even when I do that and hold the right mouse button down i still cant move it. I’ve found out its something to do with the ‘synaptics touch enhancer’

but thanks for replying