Can't mount windows drive after windows 10

Just upgraded to windows 10 on my dual boot system, and now Opensuse can’t mount the NTFS partition because it says it’s unsafe, and must be shut down properly (eg no hibernation etc)…yet I have shut that windows partition down properly.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

Also - I will properly leave upgrading to Opensuse 13.2 but when the next version comes out I’ll probably update…I usually do a fresh install but I had a fair few problems with the boot loader last time, any ideas what the best way to update is without changing the bootloader settings?


Best is to start that Windows again and be very, very sure that the file system is either safely removed or that Windows is shut down properly. I remember to have read here that Windows sometimes has a sort of quick shutdown where it does not close off all file systems completely. This to have quick start on boot. So search for such a functionality and switch it off.

I don’t have Windows 10, so what I am posting is only tested in Window 8 and Windows 8.1.

I turn off “fast boot” in Windows. Otherwise, shutdown is really hibernate.

However, I’m pretty sure that with Windows 8.1, it also works to first boot Windows, and then reboot to opensuse. The “fast boot” option is apparently only applied on shutdown, but not on reboot.

Perfect! Worked a treat. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Watch out on upgrades/updates to windows 10. it sometimes (MOSTLY always!) re-sets the defaults to windows specific defaults. I noticed this ona specifi windows 10 machine i have on ‘trial’ basis.