Cant mount encrypted disk in dolphin

when i click on my encrypted drive normally im met with a password prompt but now kde just tells me.An error occurred while accessing '1.8 TiB Encrypted Drive', the system responded: An unspecified error has occurred: Object does not exist at path “/”

in terminal all i get is kf.kio.core: An error occurred during write. The worker terminates now.

Not a KDE user, but as an alternative you can mount the encrypted partition automatically using key file for decryption and systemd automount for mounting and have the mount dir bookmarked in Dolphin for easy access.

Got the same error. I could however mount the disk in a shell (root):

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/nvme1xxxxx work_cr
mount /dev/mapper/work_cr /work/

other forums suggest to downgrade kde frameworks

hope this helps

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well thankfully its not imperative that i access my storage drives atm. If need be ill prob use the root method mentioned thanks for the help but until then ill wait for an update.

I have the same problem with different encrypted partitions on different USB drives since a recent update with zypper dup on tumbleweed. I got aware of the problem about 3 days ago. On my laptop I did purposely not update since about one week and there I do not run in this problem.

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