Cant logout and change desktop


I am trying to see the login screen so i can choose my desktop.
My current desktop is OpenSuse11.1/GNOME.
When i logout from my account, it shows a black screen with the mouse, and after 5 seconds it returns back to gnome.
I never see the login screen, but if i select “switch user”. I do see the login screen and i cant change desktop because it goes back to my logged gnome again.

Is there a way to fix that?

Also there is a way to launch X inside a window, and login with it to another desktop.
How can i do this?


Disable auto login
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

Yes, i have tryed that and didnt helped.

AND the login window should still show up even with autologin disabled.

Also disabling autologing, leaves me in the black screen, and to go back i clic everywhere on it, until it logins. I think that gdm is somewhere behind the black screen.

Did you try a Failsafe login?

I tryed now, and at first got an error saying that the xorg.conf.install file doesnt exist.
So i copied my xorg.conf file and “rcxdm start”
But i had the same problem with gdm.