Can't login to forums using FF 4 beta

I just installed 11.4 x86_64. Using FF beta 4, I can get to the Main Page - openSUSE and log in there, but when going to the forums, it doesn’t recongnize my login and I cannot log in through the link.

I wonder why FF4 Beta is the default install for 11.4.

Works fine here with 11.4 x86_64

It does work, I’m using it now.

Make sure you have your login details correct.

Can you login with a different browser? opera is in the repos

Yes, I’m able to login. Looks like it’s not a FF 4 issue, but a forum issue. I was just able to get on using Konquerer but now I’m having the same problem with Konquerer. I’m now on a different computer using Chrome.

Try clearing cache and cookies
All my browsers and different machines are OK

The problem is intermittent, I’m able now to post from FF.

You say you “cannot login”. Do you mind telling us what happens instead (you will allready know what that a good problem description has at least: what you did, what you got, what you exepected to get).

I’m having an issue also in 11.4 with FF 4. I can’t login but pressing the opensuse forum bookmark after unsuccessful login takes me to the opensuse forum start page and already login.:\

I have not this problem. It is ok.

Again, would you mind to tell us what you get instead of what you expected to get. We can not look over your shoulder. Saying “I can’t login” while in the same sentence saying “already login” makes no sense. In any case not without proper description.

Sorry if I wasn’t able to explain it properly, I apologize, I am not very good in english.
I will try to explain it again. So I open FF4, then click on the opensuse forum listed in the FF4 bookmark, then I click the forum login button, now I type the user and password and hit enter. After I hit enter, FF 4 will take me to a blank page if I remember correctly it says something cant find the page, at this point pressing the browser back and forward button will not work, refreshing the page will not work either, then I will open the bookmarks menu and click the opensuse forum and now it will take me to the forum’s start page and will be surprised that I am already login. Hope I explained it in an understandable manner. Later I will boot opensuse 11.4 and I will take a look on the message after the unsuccessful login, right now I am using 11.3.
I will install konqueror also to try if it having a problem also.


I suspect that this person had the same issue I did. I was able to log in to the main wiki page. Then clicked the forum link from the top drop down. On the forum, did not show I was logged in. The register/login link on the top right corner of the forum page would either take me to a “page not found” page or be completely unresponsive.

This happened intermittently in both FF4 and Konquerer last night. It has not happened this morning.

No issues whatsoever here.
11.4 _64 FF4 b12

I am using a 32 bit, can it be the difference?

Let me check. I have a 32 bit install


Here I am
11.4 _32 FF4 b12

No issues at all


Page not found

error is a known one. There was ample discussion on a thread here (though I can not find the thread ATM).

It happens when the Novell login wants to return to the page where you clicked to do login (e.g. by explicitly clicking “Login”, or by clicking that you wanted to post). The PHP script then reports that “Page not found” error (without any HTML or other additions, just the plain text).

BUT the login succeeded, as you can prove by (do NOT close the window, else you will be loged out) using a bookmark leading to the forums (like @conram experienced), or by using the Back arrow (twice to go over the Novell login page) and doing a reload of the page you started this all from.

This error however does not happen allways and we still weren’t able to find in which situation you get it 100%. It is already therefor monthes >:(

Now I can imagine that you did not search the forums extensively for this error before posting here. After all I acn nnot find that thread at this moment in time either. But please next time when you report a problem do tell exacly and precise what you do, whatyou thought that would happen and what happened to your surprise. And as much as possible with exeact error nmessages. Thus not: “y it says something cant find the page”, but a copy/paste of the text into the post. And be very carefull in adding your own “jumping to conclusions” into the post. You got that message, there was no prove of you either being loged in or not.

The above may sound a bit harsh and I applogize for that, but people here are trying to help in their spare time. Thus those who need help, may be so kind to provide the obviously needed information when they ask. In short: No story telling, but computer facts.

Yes it is harsh! But it is understandable, No need to apologize. It takes a long rope sometimes reading post with incomplete information while asking for help. If I can only tie that rope around my neck and jump, but it’s the craziest thing to do.
It’s me to apologize, I should have boot to 11.4 with firefox 4 and look up the exact error instead of just posting something blah, blah which was unhelpful.

On the side while not login to the forum and clicking the post quick reply will take you to the forum login screen and all is well.

Thanks for the information, I saw that forum login issue that you are talking about awhile back.

Please do not jump! We would miss you here, that is for sure.

And for all the others: it is not your browser, nor your 32/64 bit version, nor the 11.n level, it is in the openSUSE forums software.

The long and ever longer thread on this problem started by me…

Login page returns to “page not found”

As noted in the earliest posts, this <was> fixed once upon a time but was accidentally undone and the magic has never been re-captured…

Today’s User Solution:
After logging in, you <will> be successfully logged in although you won’t see it.
Hit the browser “Back” button to 2 times (or better yet in FF, click the “Back” and select going back two pages)
Your original page before logging in should display but will say not yet logged in.
Hit “Reload” to refresh the page which will then reflect your true logged in status.

The workaround apparently is to just set your Firefox settings to automatically login to the Forums and you may never see this issue again (although the problem hasn’t actually been addressed).