Can't login (Gnome) after update (opensuse 13.2)

I have a 64 bit laptop with OpenSUSE 13.2 that I can’t login on my account. The OS boots up normally but when I attempt to login the green screen goes blank after a few seconds and there is no apparent way of getting out. The laptop is setup to use Gnome. So here are some description of my laptop:

  1. ASUS 45VD
  3. Intel Core i5

I accessed to the filesystem from the terminals (Ctrl + Alt + F#) with the purpouse to install the KDE Enviorenment with yast2 --ncurses, but the only thing that happens is that the packages are downloading but are not installed. Also, I can’t update or refresh any repository … always I get some error message from the synchronization paths of the repositories.

Any thoughts?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
With your nvidia GPU are you running the proprietary driver? If so have you upgraded the kernel and rebuilt the nvidia driver to match the kernel?

I have the nouveau driver. Always it works well uuntil the last update. Should I change to the propietary driver?.

Add more info of my system:

Linux opensuse 13.2 x86_64 3.16.7-24-desktop Mon Aug 3

nVidia VGA compatible controller
Driver: nouveau

The green screen is freeze. I can’t get the log in screen. And in the terminal, I can’t install nothing. Always get error messages from synchronizations with the repos …

OK, if you press the esc key during boot you should get some additional info, else as a temporary fix to access the net is to switch to wicked via yast (not yast2) the ncurses version for internet access and try a zypper ref and zypper up.

The last message that I got after press esc key during boot is :

[ok] Started X display service
[ok] Started Accounts service.

But still I can’t get the login screen.

Also I start su -c ‘yast --ncurses’ but I can’t install or update any package

One question. What if I do a zypper dup?

Also I can’t disable repositories. I can’t open the /etc/zypp/repos.d files even accessing as root user.

What happen?

You don’t need the -ncurses parameter. I don’t think it hurts but it is not needed yast will start in ncurses mode

It looks like thing stopped before network was established. Are you using WIFI? it is always best to use hard-wired when trouble shooting

Did you try booting to recovery mode? Select advanced at grub menu and select the second selection. Note that you won’t be able to start gnome but it should allow you to log into any other desktop. Gnome is very picky


I use hard-wired connection and I try boot to recovery mode but nothing happens. I get the same freeze green screen.

I have a NVIDIA Corporation GF119M [GeForce 610M]
Kernel driver in use: nouveau
Kernel modules: nouveau

And linux kernel 3.16.7-24-desktop

Do I have to install the Nvidia propietary driver?

I don’t think so that the system lets me do that. I can’t install or update anything!

And nothing that I can install the KDE enviorenment… only have access to the system from the terminal (tty# …)

You can try zypper dup but I doubt it will work.

Don’t see how you will install the NVIDA driver since yast does not work and I doubt zypper will. And to do it the hardware require packages you probably don’t have installed.

Well. I can’t install the nvidia driver doing the hard way. Also, when I am going to add the nvidia repo, I get the next error message: Can’t create /var/cache/zypp/raw/ … :confused:

So what else can I do. I don’t want to do a formatting because I don’t have backups …

Any toughts

You do know that if you did a default install your home partition contains all your data. If you used a full DVD ISO you can do an upgrade. Yes 13.2 to 13.2 this will by default save your data and preserve any installed software. You do have to re download most of the updates. You can also do it from a Live DVD ISO but you must take control and tell the installer NOT to format the home partition but simply mount it as /home. You Do have to understand your system more then an update and point the installer to the proper partitions.

Hmmm maybe you were bit by the recent bug in an update. It was pulled quickly but some got it. A zypper up may fix the problem if you are connected.

Note do not install NVIDIA driver until you correct the connection problem at least

See if this thread works

Hi. Your reply works!

I review the thread

and I did the following:

  1. Open the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + F1) and login as root.

  2. Remount the system, adding read-write permissions (rw)

mount / -o rw,remount
  1. Then revert the systemd update
zypper in -f systemd

So I did a downgrade of systemd

  1. And shutdown the system
/sbin/shutdown -h now

When I start, after the boot, I could access to the login screen and I could login into my account :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!