Cant login (Consol login for Linux-0wdx)

I really need help here, i cant login like i use to, i was playing music and locked the screen, next moment i couldnt imput my password. Restarted and it takes me to the grey login screen called Linux-owdx and i have to type my user name and password…which i do and it says incorrect…all i want is the usual login where i click on my name and put in my password… I have no idea how to fix this or where to start,please help !! i miss linux…

Here’s a video that will show you how to reset your password.

It is possible that you have run out of space on the root partition. How large to you make root partition? BTRFS needs at least 40 gig fo root… Less and you are in danger of snapper running you out of space

Try logging into the terminal as root. If that does not work you may have file corruption and/or home is not mounting