can't login after updating 12.2 gnome

After updating a livecd version using Yast software management, the login screen won’t
accept a password. It’s frozen, no text or dots are printed, the cursor doesn’t move.
Authentication failure. It’s strange, I think that I logged in once just after updating.
A new kernel was installed and that broke grub2 and I had to change the 40_custom
file in Mint. So, I think I logged in after that. Not sure how to fix this, even if I chroot
to the opensuse partition. Any ideas ??

Tried again and succeed this time. Password was accepted.
Not sure what’s going on with this. Strange.

One possible cause of such symptoms can be a bad electrical contact,
i.e. that e.g. an USB plug or an USB cable has a malfunction or isn’t working reliably any more
(assumed you have an USB mouse and/or USB keyboard – added when editing).

Re-install whichever propriety blob that you are using. Been down that road so many times with an older Nvidia GeForce FX5200; had to finally part ways with SuSe on it and instead load it up with VectorLinux. When you upgrade the kernel you also have to re-install the blobs it’s just a little something I’ve picked up here and there. I’m hoping that, that can help out.

Also, did you do a su or sudo if Mint is the primary or if SuSe is the primary? Just to run a grub update.

Thanks, I’ll probably reinstall 12.2 with kde. For some reason login works again.
Not sure what was going on. Gnome3 is a little too radical for me. I’m not really
a big fan of bouncing icons, but I did want to try opensuse again. VectorLinux?
Last time I used Slackware was slackware 96 and just before that it was 3.0.
A long time ago! Mint 14 Cinnamon is working pretty well so far. It’s nice , clean
and a traditional desktop. Very comfortable for me.