Can't log into KDE

OpenSuse 11.4

After following the instructions in SDB:Pulseaudio - openSUSE to disable pulseaudio, after invoking…

cd /usr/lib64
md HIDDEN mv pulse HIDDEN

…I am no longer able to log into KDE. It accepts my password for any users (including root) but returns me to the login screen. Starting startx from a console retruns errors concerning the .X0-lock files and that the .X0 authority file is missing. Any ideas where I should look for a solution. I am typing this message from a Gnome login, which fortunately does function.


Correction. The error reports /home/ion/.serverauthority.xxxx missing not .X0 authority.

The problem seems to be in the SDB:Pulseaudio instruction to move the following files in /usr/lib

…to a newly created directory “HIDDEN” and then run ldconfig. Once I reversed the process and ran ldconfig again, everything returned to normal…I think. Well it didn’t specifically say it would work in 11.4. Scary lesson learned.

Nice you found it. But be carefull, never, for whatever reason, login in the GUI as root. Especialy as you had a not to sound system at that moment, I would be very very carefull not to do this.