Cant log in

Im having problems loging in my opensuse 11.1, iv just reinstalled it as KDE 4.1 because gnome is still looks realy bad and so does the 4.1 KDE but never mind that.

When ever i boot up i get a funny gray screen of my desktop squished then it logs me out. When i re enter my details it does that same thing, also the same with root. When i installed i changed the screen size to 1024-750 somthing like that. and it told me to reboot to change the size so i did and got this problem.

On the boot selection i can pick the fail safe and boot into that but not anyother, except the command line.

Any help would be very helpfull

btw do u realy have to reboot to change the screen size everytime??

boot failsafe and login with user name and pasword at the CLI

now try typing


If that fails, type
then root password


sax2 -r