Can't log in to Slack app on Tumbleweed KDE Wayland

Hey, folks.

It seems there’s a nasty bug with a Slack application (I’ve tried both .rpm and flatpak) forbidding me from logging into the app. Has anyone experienced this? Do you happen to know how to resolve it?

Slack works on KDE on any other distro (it works normally on Tumbleweed Gnome, for instance) but not on Tumbleweed.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance,


@branja Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
Yes, on MicroOS Hyprland and flatpak I use https://{yourworkspace} which should get you there.


I needed to copy the sign-in key first, but it was working as advertised after I did. Thank you so much, Malcolm. You are a lifesaver.