Can't log in 11.1 KDE after losing wired connection

can anybody help me? Just dumped windoze on a desktop & Dell D600 laptop; was using fine but then laptop dropped wired bb network connection, regardless that it appeared set up just like desktop which is working … and couldn’t seem to get it back after googling & trying different things for couple days; there had been some updates performed previously; tried traditional connection/disabling network manager but didn’t help; after couple reboots can’t even login to laptop and it’s suddenly not recognizing my wireless keyboard/mouse either. I saw a thread suggesting switching to Gnome, that KDE is flaky - how do I do this in newbie terms, please?? or other suggestions? thanks much -


The earlier versions of KDE can be flaky. 4.2.2 is quite stable and 4.3 is making leaps and bounds in both usability and stability. Bluetooth still needs fixed though. I’ve personally never used GNOME as I’m more of a bells and whistles, full desktop effects kind of guy. And I think KDE feels more Windows Vista like without all the crashes. But GNOME is very stable and could perhaps be the best thing for you until KDE 4.3 comes out at least. Now one question, what do YOU want to do? Your choice.

Now onto your problem. What exactly did you do? How and when did your computer drop its wired connection? If it dropped the wired connection during an update then that could explain you not being able to log in. But when you say you can’t login what does that mean? Is your screen blank when you try to login or does it keep going back to the login screen or what? Could you please be more specific about the problem? Also what graphics card are you using?

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well … I was setting up 11.1 on a desktop & laptop @ same time, back-and-forth, so I may not be clear on what was what on what, but lemme try. Laptop was not updating when it stopped allowing login but might very well have been updating when it dropped connection; I know I was surfing at the time; this was couple days ago. just today won’t let me login at OpenSUSE login screen after bootup (just after spot where you could choose failsafe etc). Keeps rejecting my password. This actually could be first bootup in couple days, since connection drop - have left computer running basically but today when I sat down it was off (we’ve had some storms … but desktop & last windows computer are running basically fine, all on very good surge protectors).

Graphics card - hmmm. Not sure how to check that for sure in SUSE failsafe mode but googled specs say ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 AGP 4x - yeah, that sounds right.

KDE or Gnome - what do I want? I do prefer GUI; haven’t used anything like DOS etc in a LONG time but will be using these computers for work so need stability & security #1. I had done some windoze registry edits but only following instructions; not a programmer, tho next project learning ‘secure’ site design so I’m not afraid! Don’t have time to learn everything about system all at once … but fed up w/windows. Fedora 10 was very flaky. OpenSUSE much better. I just rebooted into failsafe and was getting ready to feel my way around there (?) THANKS, Ian!!

Well as for KDE and GNOME choice, it’s really just a matter of personal preference. Obviously if you’ve just started you probably don’t have experience with both so preference isn’t completely relevant yet. You’ll have to decide based on some information about both environments. Check this thread out where people give input on why they use kde or gnome:

GNOME is better than KDE - openSUSE Forums

It’s a bit GNOME biased, but you can at least get an idea from the KDE activists as well. Then you can try to make a decision from that. Of course you can always have both installed on your computer, but I think for now it would be better to start off with one or the other. Just tell me which one you’d like to use.

My only guess for the password thing is that you are entering the wrong password. Either way you might have to reinstall or keep trying different passwords, otherwise I’m not sure how to bypass the login in linux. ATI graphics is a bit harder to get to work with openSUSE but this wouldn’t result in it not accepting your password. You said your Desktop and windows machine work fine, so is this your laptop that isn’t allowing a login?


Probably rather stick with KDE; I had done some reading on differences before install. That was thoughtful of you to include the link …

Yes, other computers are connecting fine; this is the Dell D600 laptop (same model as the other, ancient, remaining windows XP install). I was so hoping you wouldn’t say I should reinstall; that was the first tempting thought, but I’d just got Firefox set up with probably 30 addons! Ugh-h-h-h!! No way I’m entering wrong password, I’m quite sure.

Here’s a tutorial on how to recover your root password (which, if you followed the default settings when you installed, is also your user password)

HOWTO: Recover root password - Linux Forums

You’ll want to use the isntructions for grub:

The instructions for GRUB users are similar. Press ‘e’ at the GRUB prompt to select boot parameters. Select the line for the kernel you want to boot, and go to the end of it. Add “single” as a separate word, and then press ENTER to exit the edit mode. Once back at the GRUB screen, press “b” to boot into single user mode.

I’m pretty sure all you have to do is, when you see the green grub screen upon boot up, just type single and then hit enter.

Then once it’s booted you can change the password by using the password command:


If that doesn’t work then you can try the other solution from the link. You can use an openSUSE livecd for the other solution.

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Alright, single didn’t work for me. If it didn’t for you either, then the other way seems like a viable route. I’m about to test it out with an openSUSE live cd. In the meantime can you boot your laptop up with a openSUSE kde livecd then open a terminal (konsole), type



fdisk -l

and post the output here. I can then give you specific instructions on how to reset your root password.


oh, thanks so much - something towards the bottom in that link solved the password problem (reset user passwd after resetting root passwd), but now system refuses to recognize any of my keyboards/mice (one set worked before and both keybds/mice work on the desktop so I know it’s not them), which is truly a major pain since the ‘N’ key is broken off my laptop and the laptop is wedged up on a short shelf behind a large monitor and I can’t even open it up all the way anyway) AND still no network connection … ??? Ahh-h-h-h-h!!

guess I should change the heading above now … one problem down, one to go and a new one begun (!) [pls see my last post here if you haven’t already] but hey, we’re getting somewhere … I think. Beginning to wonder if I should try Fedora again instead; at least I had a network connection HALF the time - laptop on openSUSE has been down for days now Err-r-r-r!! I thought I liked this OS better