Can't log after suspend to ram or lock screen


i use wayland and kde

if i do a suspend to ram or don’t use pc during a few minut (sesions lock) I can’ type password in the login screen.

i can connect if i do : ctrl - alt - f1 or or ctr-alt-del

so keyboard is working, seem like somthing is not working with ssdm.


Hello, I’m having a similar issue on my computer. I’m also using Tumbleweed with Wayland and KDE. After resuming from suspension or screen lock, I can type my password: if I write it right, I get to my desktop (nothing strange here); however if I write it wrong, SDDM checks the password as usual, then it shows the usual reaction to a wrong password (it displays a spinning circle for a few instants, then it highlights the password I entered), but at this point I am unable to re-enter the password. The keyboard’s input is simply ignored by SDDM. I can move the cursor normally, but there’s no way I can log into my desktop again. I have to log into a tty and reboot the machine from there.
I don’t remember when this started happening, because I usually enter the right password on the first attempt, but I’m pretty sure that ~1 month ago this issue didn’t exist. A quick search on openSUSE’s Bugzilla didn’t show similar reports.
Thanks for your attention.