Can't load my linux or windows

Alright so I have opensuse 11.3 and windows 7 on my computer. Everything was working fine until i got a virus on my windows 7 so i decided to reformat it. After i reformatted it, it would only load up windows when i turned my computer on. So I kinda wanted to get my linux desktop back so i did some reading online and used an ubuntu live cd i had lying around to open up terminal and reinstall grub. So now when I turn on my computer it just goes to this empty grub screen that wants me to give commands. I was hoping when i reinstalled grub it would be like before where i could just choose to boot opensuse or windows. I don’t know anything about this grub command screen so now i cannot get into either my linux or windows and I have really important stuff for school on both OS’s. I don’t want to have to reformat anything, is there a way i can get everything back to normal?

Re-Install Grub Quickly with Parted Magic

May help you

The Ubuntu cd may do the job instead of Parted Magic, I’m just not sure if has the version of grub you need.

ok i downloaded parted magic and was following directions when i ran into a problem. I open up the terminal in parted magic and type “grub” like it says to and it gives me “sh: grub: command not found” I am watching the video exactly and reading the directions word for word…

You might know which one is your openSUSE root partition. Assuming it is sda5, in that empty Grub screen, you would just type:

root (hd0,5)
chainloader +1

You can try different ones (hd0,4), (hd0,6) if you’re unsure. It’s not going to hurt anybody. If you installed openSUSE Grub in the extended partition, as many people do, that would be (hd0,4) in Ubuntu’s Grub syntax.

Once your in openSUSE, install Grub in MBR or reset the active flag to the partition where you did install openSUSE Grub (if it’s a primary one).

It’s possible the version you are using has a different terminal that is not automatically root. If it’s root it will end like this:#

or you are doing something wrong?

I’ll download the latest PM and check it though.

Hey thanks a lot. I can get back onto my windows desktop! But i still can’t get into my opensuse desktop. I know it’s sda7, so I type “root (hd0,7)”
Then it says “(hd0,7): Filesystem is ext2.” So i then type “chainloader +1” and it says “error: invalid signature.” But like i said i can get into my windows this way which is just (hd0,2)


would be (hd0,6)

I just tested Parted Magic and grub indeed didn’t work
Here is a link to an older version:
It works