Cant install with desktop graphics (No gui)

HI, I build recently a skylake computer: I7 6700, asus z170 pro graming, 16gb xfx r7 370. When I try to run de installation gui i get black with one monitor(hdmi) and black with white vertical barrs in the other one (dvi). For run the instalation i have to use the intel integrated GPU. With the integrated it runs, but with problems: sometimes gets laggy and if i take a long for configuration (without pressing a keyboard key) it gens into a kind of saving mode and give me a black screen.

Finally i installed it with integrated cards and configurin it fast. After that i Install some drivers for the ati (15.20, i found this searching the repos becouse de amd installer or de proposal one in opensuse leap guide fails to me) and the computer works fine. Some times when restarting grub has graphical glitches but when openssue load the drivers it works fine ( i’ve been playing counter strike go at max).

Is any way to avoid this trouble and not chaning graphics for installation? Im running leap pretty wel in my old computer.

Regars frod Spain :wink:

When installing only use one monitor. The default drivers used at install may not support multiple monitors.

It might be that, i cant test it but i will remember if i need to install it again.

Today I just messed up removing flgrx drivers and had to reinstall the system. Tryed on monitor only and still cant run the installer. Im just instaling it using de on board cpu video card.

Ok not sure your problem but I’ll give you a hint on how to approach fixing things. You should be able to boot to a terminal mode. This should allow fixing things. Assuming you have installed the system

At boot press 3 find line starting linux or lnuxefi go to true end of the line (it wraps) enter a space and a 3 then F10 to continue boot. This should bring you to a terminal log in as root and run yast there you can install or fix about anything. Also follow K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) ie don’t try to run before you can walk.

It is unclear if the is a notebook or desktop machine if a notebook it maybe a hybrid which is a different animal. In either case in the BIOS see if you can disable the GPU on the CPU. Remember KISS

Hi, thanks for the help, really appreace it.

First, i tought it was clear, its a desktop machine, according to the hardware description. And I always have the intel gpu disabled.

Was stupid to remove the drivers and reboot before reinstalling the new ones, maybe if i had install the new rpm version after removing the old ones it will boot fine. One new thing learned today ;).

Second, I googled and tryied to boot in terminal mode adding “3” at grub, but still booting and having black screen(no terminal). After 20 minuts trying to recover it I prefer to reinstall becouse tooks only 60 minuts to have all installed. Maybe I could spend 10 min to fix it or 2 hours, who knows…

I’ve been this afternoon with a friend which has the same grafic card r370, well mine is a XFX, her is a Sapphire i think. If i can tomorrow i will try to boot on his machine.

By the way, whe you say hybrid refering to notebooks you mean something like nvidia cuda gpu? I’m having trouble to install nvidia drivers on my laptop (nvidia gt540m).

In notebooks with Intel+NVIDIA GPU it is called Optimus and you must use a special driver the regular one will not work it is called bumblebee follow instructing here