cant install vlc from packman

hi everybody,

i am on opensuse 11.2 and i had to renew my installation. but now i cant install vlc from packman. everytime i trie this i get these errors:

Problem:, benötigt von, wird von keinem Repository angeboten
Lösung 1: Nicht nach der Installation eines auflösbaren Objekts, das vlc anbietet, fragen.
Lösung 2: vlc-noX auflösen durch das Ignorieren einiger Abhängigkeiten

unfortunately it looks like i need, but such library does not exist. the only thing i have here is package is libx264-{67,72,75,88} which i have installed by now, but still the conflict exist.

can somebody help me with this?

thx matthias

You will find the latest version here:-

PackMan :: Package details for x264

Although it is now up to version 106

thx that fixed my problem. seems the server i was using was not up to date.