Cant install virtualbox extension pack

Where do i get the guest extensions for my ubuntu guest? I tried from within the guest to "insert guest additions cd image’ but then it trys to download them and always fails with is error:
Name: VBoxGuestAdditions
During certificate downloading: Unknown reason

The extension pack is different from the guest additions - I think you’re asking about the guest additions, so I’ll assume that and if that’s not correct, let me know.

When I tell VB to insert the guest additions image, it includes a URL in the messages that pop up:

Are you sure you want to download the VirtualBox Guest Additions disk image file from (size 53,497,856 bytes)?

When I answer that I do, it downloads it - but you should be able to download it from that URL as well and then insert it in the VM. When it’s downloaded, it’s saved as /home/<user>/.VirtualBox/VBoxGuestAdditions_7.0.10.iso - so if you download it manually, put it in that directory and it should work for you to just insert it the normal way.

Not sure why you’re seeing the certificate issue - I didn’t see that here.

I copied the file from the ISO and then ran that command inside the virtual machine’s command line

You can download the Virtualbox Extensions and GuestAdditions from here:

Download the GuestAddition ISO and put the ISO as CD in your Ubuntu Machine.
Now start the Machine and you can install it from CD.


The Oracle instructions for installing Guest Additions on a Linux guest operating system are here: <>

I normally drop the Guest Additions into the user’s ‘~/.config/VirtualBox/’ directory.

  • You should install the Extension Pack for your VirtualBox host system by means of the VirtualBox Manager – the Oracle instructions are here: <>

  • The VirtualBox Manager normally drops the Extension Pack into the user’s ‘~/.config/VirtualBox/’ directory and, by default it’ll ask if the «correct version» downloaded Extension Pack file should be deleted –
    I normally press the “Cancel” button to hold the downloaded file in the user’s directory for future reference …

The Ubuntu has their guest additions built in - no need to change - they update it on their schedule.

You are better off leaving it with their version as it is compiled for their kernel.

Almost every Linux flavor has their own guest additions built in - just like OpenSUSE does.

Windows is a different story - none provided.

Unfortunately, after some years of using TW, the VBox guest instance always suggests to install GAdditions. It continues to suggest until I manually execute the .run file (after downloading it) while in the VM, then all works fine.

If GA is automagically provided by TW, it’s never happened to me.

If you install any other guest additions - OpenSUSE guests additions are removed.

remove your non OpenSUSE guest additions then in any terminal window (or you can use yast to install them)

sudo zypper in virtualbox-kmp virtualbox-guest-tools

and they will automatically be kept with the newest version in the repos.

Even the install images have the guest additions built in to them. If you boot them up in Virtualbox - the screen size and keyboard and mice work as expected.

But even tho i have bidirectional clipboard selected I cant paste into the ubuntu guest

Yep - drag and drop of file not working no matter what guest OS.

We are looking into see why.

Logs indicate that it cannot figure out where the mouse is to do the drop.

Fortunately, it works here. :+1:

Clipboard works fine in 7.0.10
Drag and Drop fails as it cannot figure out where the mouse pointer is, in the guest - it points to outside the guest (negative numbers) - Oracle is aware of this problem.
Hopefully fix will be in 7.0.12.