Can't install virglrenderer

  2. Click “Direct install” and download the ymp file
  3. Opening it suggest that I add repositories:
  1. I click abort because I am using Leap 42.3
  2. I copy manually the link to which the “Direct install” button points and replace 42.2 with 42.3 and download a new ymp file
  3. Opening it suggest to add:
  1. I click “Next”
  2. virglrenderer is shown to be installed. Click “Next”, “Next”, “Yes” and enter root password
  3. I get

  1. I go back and try the 42.2 version (just to check if for some reason that may work) and I reach a similar result

What should I do in order to install virgl3d?

Ok, I added manually repository Virtualization. Still can’t get 3d acceleration for KVM guest though (which should be another thread I guess).