Can't install security updates

For the past several days, security upgrade downloads have been offered, but when downloaded, they produce this error message:

PackageKit Error dep-resolution-failed: ati-fglrxG01-kmp-default-8.561_2.6.27.7_9.1-1.1.i586 requires kernel(default:mm) = d2046c7a7e90ef6a, but this requirement cannot be provided.

What is the correct method to correct this problem?

Thanks - MD

I’m having a similar problem:

uvcvideo-kmp-pae-r260_2.6.27.7_9.1-1.2.i586 requires kernel(pae:mm) = b853ab28d43f4e8e, but this requirement cannot be provided

Not sure how to fix this one?

I had the same problem. Just download the driver from ATI’s site and install it manually.

I’m having the same problem

uvcvideo-kmp-default-r260_2.6.27.7_9.1-1.2.i586 requires kernel(default:mm) = d2046c7a7e90ef6a, but this requirement cannot be provided

I’ve not installed these drivers for my webcam with yast and I don’t know where to get an updated version for the kernel proposed in the updates.

Any fixes for this yet? I don’t have any ATI drivers and I didn’t install anything new. It’s just part of the security updates, driving me nuts that it won’t install!

Evidently, this forum has been abandoned. IRC is no better with the ops in private chats with their friends and not answering. I guess there just isn’t any help for serious problems in OpenSuse.
You may have better luck just googling your problem.

Uvcvideo is a webcam driver. I have no webcam so I uninstalled it and everything updated fine. I would suggest trying uninstalling it, updating and then reinstalling it.

This was a similar thread.

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