Can't Install Qt5 Application with Cmake on KDE

I tried installing KDE Round Corners on my system. While trying to build with cmake … it shows it has a missing dependency qt5config.cmake. I installed the dependencies I was shown on the github. I don’t know where the qt5config.cmake is located.

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I have installed:

> sudo zypper search --installed-only -t pattern
S  | Name                 | Summary                               | Type
i+ | devel_kde_frameworks | KDE Frameworks and Plasma Development | pattern
i+ | devel_qt5            | Qt 5 Development                      | pattern

Try installing these with “zypper install -t pattern <name>”

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LANG=C zypper wp /usr/lib64/cmake/Qt5/Qt5Config.cmake
Command 'what-provides' is replaced by 'search --provides --match-exact'.
See 'help search' for all available options.
Repository 'nVidia Graphics Drivers' is out-of-date. You can run 'zypper refresh' as root to update it.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name             | Summary                                    | Type
i+ | libQt5Core-devel | Development files for the Qt5 core library | package
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Thank you I’ll try installing that later today.

I’ll install this package as well. Thanks mate