Can't install partimage

Where is partimage?Can’t install it.
zypper se partimage doesn’t display anything.
openSUSE 11.2

I agree, I do not see it any where within openSUSE. You could visit their home page and download and install the source code. They show the other required programs you must load in order to get the program to compile.


Now here, I have just been using GParted, which works just as well for me.

Thank You,

partimage is intended to be run from a live disk. It would be of limited use if you were to install it on your hard drive, as the partitions to be imaged must be unmounted. You might try the SystemRescue CD, which includes partimage.


The best live CD I have found for partitions and rescue is Parted Magic - it even has Clonezilla installed. The CD loads into RAM.