Can't install OpenSuSE 13.1 64bit after update of video card

I recently updated my video card to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti, and since then I can’t installed Linux at all, it never gets to load the Graphical wizard, I also tried to install via text, it wont load either.

Any ideas? Do I have to wait for 13.2?

OK need to know more.

Is this a BIOS machine or an EFI?

The solution is a little different depending

Essentially you need to set the nomodeset kernel parameter and after the install install the NVIIDIA driver

But the bath to do that depends on the type machine

for now I’ve using legacy BIOS.

you mean I should add that parameter before installing and after as well? What else do you need to know about my system? if it helps it’s a Dell XPS 8500.

Thanks for replying.

In that case, you should see a boot menu like this when you boot from the installation medium:

Press F3 and choose “No KMS” as shown in the picture.

Thank you both for replying, I was able to actually able to install the OS with the option nomodeset. I hope this helps other users as well.

This is actually the same as choosing “No KMS” like I described.

Thanks for reporting back though! :wink: