Can't install Kde amarok 2.0.1 without downgrading KDE

When i select kde4-amarok, it literally wants to downgrade everything to kde 4.1.3

i got the repo from amarok’s website
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

BTW i also uninstalled the default amarok that was preinstalled with opensuse 11.1

The Amarok2 package in KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop repository is named ‘amarok’.

i want to use the latest version, that one says v 1.4.1, kde4-amarok is v 2.0.1


I think, if I remember correctly it will say 1.4.1svnawholebunchofnumbers. When you install it though it will say it’s version 2.0.90-2.3.

When you choose to downgrade amarok if it doesn’t give a conflict that includes this:

downgrade of kdebase4-runtime-4.2.70.svn954171-1.6.i586 to **kdebase4-runtime-4.1.3-4.2.9.i586**
downgrade of kdebase4-workspace-4.2.70.svn954171-2.6.i586 to **kdebase4-workspace-4.1.3-10.3.7.i586**

Then you’re fine.

I’m using kde 4.3 but the same rule applies, if you see something similar to this where it asks to downgrade to 4.1.3, then don’t do it. Otherwise it’s fine :wink:

Good Luck,


that didnt work for me, but i’ve read reports stating how buggy the latest amarok is. I’ll try to see if i can find anyother players, like songbird for example…

The latest kde4 version is 2.0.2-23 and is just called amarok the kde4-amarok is an older version. The reason for this is that the devs are in the process of removing the kde4- prefix for apps.
If you have the factory repo then you should have it listed in yast


Songbird froze in the middle of a song. I guess i’ll have to give amarok another try :frowning:

Installation of amarok should be so simple. Post any conflict here by saving the dependency to file.

i want to use the latest version, that one says v 1.4.1, kde4-amarok is v 2.0.1

I think you have two problems.

  1. You don’t realize that naming conventions have been changed for the OBS repositories: See here: Important news for openSUSE KDE4 users « The Blog is Hot

The latest package for KDE4 Amarok is simply called: ‘amarok’

  1. It sound like you may have higher priority on the Update repo than on the KDE:/Factory repo (Note: lower number == higher priority)

So, fix your repository priorities, update ‘amarok’ and you should be happy.

Find the one click install from site.

I had that same problem today, go fixed using it :wink: