Can't install IEs4Linux in openSUSE 11.1 anyone can help?

When i want to do this command:

rpm --import

from the shell the following error shown to me:

error: import read failed(-1).
warning: u 0x808adf8 ctrl 0x808b330 nrefs != 0 ( http)

I get the commands from the IEs4Linux web site.

Installation:Suse - IEs4Linux

Anyone can help?

The HowTo is for SLED 10, which is a different product then openSUSE.

Use the general instructions, but befor you do make sure you have installed wine and cabextract

zypper install wine cabextract

Then proceed with the general instructions

greetings Kump

You can actually install IE in wine.
winetricks is handy to assist (google it)

Or use XP in Virtual Box - way better


Why not just use openSuSE, even better.

There are plenty of browsers out there.



There are no great solutions for running shockwave or activeX under Linux accept to use IE. So “use another browser” is not actually an effective solution in some cases. There are several sights I visit for college using activeX for which there is no other solution than to use IE and ies4linux is perfect for this.