Can't install HoN in openSUSE 11.4

I went to the Hon site and downloaded the .sh file and now i’ve no idea what to do as i was born and raised on Windows. i tryed making the file executable but to no luck but got this in responce “MIME type not supported /home/zabzabar/Desktop/”. so any help would be very nice, Hon on windows lags too much.


That particular type of file is a shell script (hence the “.sh” extension) and needs to be executed either from a terminal window under KDE/Gnome or from the command line directly. Since this is the installer script for a game I would assume you need to run it from under a desktop environment. So just start a terminal window in the directory where you saved that .sh file and type “./file_name” (in your case “./”) and you’re all set, the install process for the game should begin.
If you need to make it executable to your user type in the terminal “chmod +x” before running the previous command.
Hope this helps, if you need any help about this process, I’ll be happy to help.

On 03/21/2011 03:36 PM, ZanZabar wrote:
> i’ve no idea what to do as i was born and raised on Windows.

no matter where you grew up, -=welcome=- to freedom…

installation instructions are here:

and, since you mention you have high lag on windows, the minimum
system requirements are are about the same for both systems, and
available if you click on “View minimum and recommended system
specifications” on the download page:

have a lot of fun.

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