Can't install grub/lilo, can't restor windows boot

Hi I tried to install opensuse 11 yesterday.
But it couldn’t install GRUB. It says - disk doesn’t exist
I cancelled the installation and now I cannot even access my windows (fixmbr and fixboot don’t help)

Please help!

In some cases (especially when using recovery boot) grub reports installation problems. But this is the first time somebody reports fixmbr problems.
1/ I would consider using windows disk to load emergency console to try to access windows disk. If you can not view the content of your windows disk perhaps you harddrive somehow got disconnected. Try checking the cable.
2/ Are you sure that you have installed linux on different partition from windows. Because if you just used the defaults it might happen that you do not have a windows partition any more.


I CAN view my windows content, it can even log on to it (using installation disk)
And YES, totally different partitions…
The problem still exists: problem with installing grub

I suspect the active flag has been moved off the windows partition during the aborted installation. Windows’ bootloader can’t find windows if the active flag has shifted. Let’s try to get it back in place. What were you installing Suse with? The full install DVD or one of the live CDs?

Full DVD (although it installed only 1GB from 4GB DVD) _64

Well use it again and at the boot screen choose “rescue system”. Login as root when the time comes. Then enter this command: cfdisk. In there in the “Flags” column you can see [Boot] against the active partition. You can use the arrows to move around and put the [Boot] tag back on the windows partition (if it’s not on it). Be sure to remove the [Boot] tag from any/all other partition/s.

Then you can boot to windows (if that was the problem).

THANKS, but as you’ve noticed the real problem is to have the only proper system (Linux) with not so good system (XP) work together by the means of GRUB…

cfdisk don’t see my windows partition and one hard disk - well i may be wrong it only sees one disk

do i have to write partition after setting the boot flag?

HEEEELP!!! I did “write partition” and now I get incorrect partition table. I cannot even make a fresh instalation of windows. One one of the partitions on this disk I have important data…

Let’s assess your situation. How to proceed depends on the options and the current situation. Please answer these six question:

  1. I wonder if the windows important data are still there or if you wiped the windows partition. Can you see the windows partition/s from the windows install disk when you go to the final screen before installation and enter the repair console from “Repair Your Computer” option?
  2. It’s imperative to have backups of important data. Do you have those for the windows partition/s?
  3. Linux toolboxes: You have the Suse install DVD. Do you have the Suse Gnome or KDE Live CD?
  4. This can mean several things: “cfdisk don’t see my windows partition and one hard disk”. If you use “cfdisk” as command it will display drive 1 only. If you use “cfdisk /dev/sda2” it will display drive 2, and so on. Does that reveal the “one hard disk” or the “windows partition”? Or please elaborate on what you meant.
  5. If you enter the Suse facility called “Rescue System” again, do you see all your partitions for all drives, if you use the command “fdisk -l” (that’s letter l, not numeral 1)?
  6. Where and how do you get the message “incorrect partition table”?