can't install FreeCAD

Hi all

I got an issue , During install FreeCAD via Yast2 , the message shows can’t provide

How can I fix it ?

Thank you !!

When posting a problem, always try to copy and paste the entire message into your post to minimize the chances of misunderstanding.

But generally speaking, your question is often asked so I wrote up a Wiki article on the steps you can try before asking for help.

If you still can’t resolve the problem with a solution you feel comfortable with,
Post again (with precise details, and it’s recommended to use the hash button (#) in the Posting editor to enclose and highlight various code).

Also, you might also search this Forum for previous FreeCAD posts… seems to me others have had similar problems in the past.


It’s failing to build…

Likely the two supporting packages don’t exist anymore (See on the right column)

python-pyside-shiboken is not in the Tumbleweed distribution… the other is

python-pyside-shiboken deleted a year ago