Can't install bootloader in root (/) partition

I tried to install bootloader in the same partition I chose manually to install Tumbleween in which is /dev/sda5, and apparently I can’t do that. Any ideas?

I don’t know why a simple procedure that I can do in any distro, I can’t do it in OpenSuse as simple as that!

A bit more information is needed.

Maybe the output of:

fdisk -l /dev/sda

would be useful here.

What file system are you using for “/”?

Is this a UEFI box?

I use HP Probook 450 G1 laptop. It support both UEFI and MBR, but I always use MBR.

I use Manjaro_Linux in sda5, Windows_7 in sda2, Linux_Mint in sda11, and sda10 is assigned as a swap partition.

I am planing to install Opensuse Tumbleweed instead of Manjaro_Linux.

I make separate bootloader for each OS, and I use EasyBCD to connect between them.

I downloaded Opensuse Tumbleweed ISO file from 3 months ago, so it’s not an old version.

/dev/sda5 is logical partition while traditionally only primary partitions were bootable. I think that today openSUSE is using syslinux MBR for “generic boot code” and syslinux is capable of scanning extended partition for boot flag. You would need to open bug report to get some statement from developers - whether it is an oversight or intentional behavior.

What exact error you get in installer? You should be able to install bootloader on any partition while unchecking “install generic code in MBR” and “set active flag for Boot partition”. Please post exact settings you do and error you get.

Actually thats what I needed to know. Now, I made a primary partition for /boot, and I can make a separate partition for Opensuse bootloader.

The problem now is the installer need to download 4.7 GB from the internet because the installer that I downloaded is 3 months old.

Now, I’m downloading OpenSuse Leap 15 to install instead of Tumbleweed.

The question now, and I hope someone will answer me quickly before I start installing :

Is 1 GB good enough for /boot partition or I need to increase it? And what is the recommended file system for Opensuse? (BTRFS or EXT4)

If you want a /boot 500 meg is fine need space for 3 kernels. Do you need one or just following old custom??? I believe you can’t use snapper recovery from grub with BTRFS if you have separate boot so today there is a downside.

I will use 1 gb just in case, and I will use EXT4 so it will be supported well with other operating system that I use.