Can't install 12.2 Milestone 3

Good working install of Milestone 2. Zypper dup over network retrieves and compiles all files - but boots to black screen of death. Full DVD won’t even get to first Screen without the video failing. Gnome 3 live CD fails to install grub2 - problems with radeon.ko are reported. What to do?


BTW I do have a on board ATI Redeon card. This, unlikely Nvidia has never given me a problem.

So, I am not sure what to tell you except I was able to install the openSUSE 12.2 M3 DVD into a VirtualBox session just fine. I have a real copy of 12.2 which I used zypper up from M2 to M3 on and this is the strange part. When complete, the zypper up switched me over to grub legacy. I did not know this until the first reboot. I was able to get in because I had been messing with grub2 and had created a grub legacy menu.lst file that pointed to a valid kernel still present. I did not understand what was wrong at first. I was able to use the grub2 command: grub2-install --force /dev/sdxy where x is the hard drive and y is the partition where grub2 must be installed. I could imagine you could boot from a LiveCD, chroot to the installed partition, run the grub2-install command as above, but including the correct folder location for the grub2-install command and the correct hard drive and partition and perhaps over come the problem.

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Try to use “nomodeset”. This is a known “most annoying bug” and nomodeset did it for me.

I couldn’t install M3 in the VMware Workstation Tech Preview - however, it installed in the current version of Oracle VirtualBox just fine (both cases were with a Windows 8 Consumer Preview host). It’s unique to M3, though (Sabayon 8 installed just fine in VMware - I haven’t created a S8 VM for VB yet). The distribution (both cases) is x64 (as is the Consumer Preview).

Has anyone been able to install M3 in the VMware Workstation Tech Preview yet?