Can't input Japanese characters on MATE, only on KDE.

Okay, so I know that the MATE DE is only supported as a community release via the OBS, but I figured that this has the highest chances of getting answered here anyways.
I need to be able to type kanji in, and I have everything configured. If I am logged into the Plasma 5 session, everything works as expected; I can input kanji using any combination of: ibus, fcitx and mozc, anthy. However, I prefer MATE, and would like to be able to hold onto the openSUSE advantages (YaST, OBS, SUSE support, etc). Also, reinstalling everything on my system just to input kanji is a little insane.

This is just a standard LEAP 42.1 install that I after-the-fact installed MATE on (via the Mate Basis and Mate Desktop Environment patterns). I even still use the standard DM to log in to MATE. I suspect this has to do with the fact that the base system is configured for KDE, and not MATE. Also of note is that when I’m using Plasma 5, while in emacs, anthy captures Super-space to switch languages, but in MATE emacs captures the keypresses instead, and I have to use the mouse to toggle anthy around.

Does anyone have any ideas?

You may need to submit a bug report at

Am also curious whether kanji works through your MATE Desktop <after> you’ve logged in or if the problem only is when logging in.

Whether you chose Kanji as the language on your login page.


I think this is a gtk2 issue, I know people wore complaining that you can’t use alt + key code on kde while you can on gnome (and mate) the reason was plasma5 and Qt5 uses the x server for input while gtk does this internally, a bugzilla report seams as the best solution

you could try installing fcitx / ibus etc from the M17N repo. Versions there are generally a lot newer than those included in the Leap repos.